CDTA Exam Classes

CDTA Tap, Jazz, or Ballet Exam Classes

Students dedicated to improving their dance technique will be offered a 45-60 min. class once a week in the discipline of their choice. Exam work is an excellent way to enhance your training & improve overall technique. This extra class requires dedication and commitment from the student in order to achieve their goals. At the teacher’s discretion, students will take their exam in either late December or early March.

Students MUST be enrolled in a regular season ballet class to take an exam class.

Classes run September until a dancer takes their exam. Payment is spread out over the entire 9 month season, so the fees do not change once the exam is complete.


A Black tank style bodysuit and mondor tights matching their shoe colour.

~ Jazz – Pri. to Gr.III requires Beige shoes, Gr. IV to – Adv. Jazz may be either beige or black.
~ Tap - Beige Cubban heel shoes. (Inter/Seniors may be permitted to wear black tap shoes)

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$35.00 / month (45 min. class) for 9 months. $40.00/month (1 hour class) for 9 months.


Kara, Erin, Shayla, Amy

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